Coach Message

Being “too close to the forest to see the trees” is a position that virtually all business owners find themselves in at some time or other. As our focus narrows in on details, our peripheral vision suffers and we can lose sight of the larger landscape around us. Gravitating to our “comfort zone” is the main cause of this condition. The comfort zone is where we feel most productive, even after our responsibilities have expanded well beyond the comfort zone. While we feel productive, we’re actually avoiding the key element of what business ownership is all about: Working ON the business, not IN the business.

As your Coach, I will encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone and to try strategies and approaches that otherwise would go untested. Part of my job is to hold you accountable to the commitments you make to your own growth and improvement. Let's get started!

“Somebody who thinks a little differently can help a business see problems as opportunities and inspire creativity.” Richard Branson

Is Coaching Right For You, your Team, your Business?

This may surprise you to read here - Coaching & Training is NOT for everyone! Although FocalPoint Coaches & Trainers provide proven solutions for any business in the multifaceted areas of Time, Team, Money and Strategy; what we know to be true is it takes a special person, team or business to be coachable. Are YOU willing to learn more and do more - to achieve more?


If you are business owner, corporate executive or passionate professional who is not satisfied with the status quo and WILLING TO IMPROVE, a Certified FocalPoint Coach like myself, can help you realize a new level of business success. Using the globally proven FocalPoint performance strategies, I will help you discover new ways of approaching business issues, move past obstacles and accelerate your personal and business growth.